Which is Better: Traditional Workouts or Muscle Confusion Workouts?

There’s been quite a bit of discussion about muscle confusion of late, but it’s not really a new concept. The idea of muscle confusion has been around since the early ‘80s. Some have criticized the concept of muscle confusion and held to traditional workouts. Some people have labeled it as silly or a myth. But too many people have found good success using the principles behind muscle confusion and this adds to its legitimacy. There can be physical benefits from both traditional workouts and those which incorporate muscle confusion.

Man Flexing Biceps

What is Muscle Confusion?

Muscle confusion is a concept that is constructed on the idea that a person can get more consistent results by changing up the target muscles in a workout regimen. In its basic state the idea is to change up workout routines by changing the weight, movements, reps or intensity in order to cause the muscles some “confusion.” The premise is that if a person does the same exercises over and over, the body gets used to it and a weight loss or strength building routine can reach a plateau. By constantly changing up the stress, the body will gain new muscle growth and yield greater strength. Many people choose to focus on a specific muscle group when they strength train. For instance, Monday might be back and core day; but Wednesday might be leg day or arm day. That day’s exercises will use a variety of strategies which all work a particular muscle group or part of the body.


What About Traditional Workouts?

Traditional workouts are much more like a routine. An individual follows a workout program and does the same exercises or group of exercises for every workout session. On leg day, the exerciser may do squats, leg lifts and calf raises; then on arm day he may do dumbbell curls and then triceps dips. The same exercises are used each time but weights or reps may be increased each time. The premise behind traditional workouts is that the muscles will gradually and continually grow larger and stronger over time.


Benefits of Muscle Confusion Workouts

By altering exercises muscle growth can be improved because the exerciser will recruit muscles that are not used frequently. This can help a lot of people get over or avoid plateaus and have positive improvements. One of the biggest benefits of this type of exercise routine is that it is less likely that the individual will become bored with the routine since it changes all the time. This can often be a very big motivating factor and help some stay on track moving toward their fitness goals.


Benefits of Traditional Workouts

Traditional workouts have been practiced for a very long time and have been shown to work. Many athletes rely on maintaining a fixed exercise regimen. Olympic lifters, professional body builders and other musclemen keep up a predetermined routine and stick with it while progressively continuing to add weights. Traditional workouts are the safe option and are more suitable for beginners since it can reduce injuries and offers novices the opportunity of learning proper form.



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