Why Keeping a Workout Journal is Motivating

Whether you are just starting out on a fitness program or have been at it a long time, keeping a log of your exercises can be very motivating. The workout journal can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Some include their workout routines, meals and calorie count, or even their feelings about how their workout went that day. But many don’t realize how truly motivating it can be to keep a workout journal on a regular basis. It can be the perfect place to record both your fitness goals and your workouts. There are several ways that keeping a log can provide lots of motivation to keep on working.


Realistic Picture of Workouts
Keeping a log of your exercise patterns can not only keep you honest, it can also help you understand what types of workouts you are doing most often. Especially over time it can give you a very realistic picture of your workout patterns. This can be beneficial in helping you see what areas you may be lacking in and helps you determine what you are covering well. By keeping a good record of your workouts and routines, you can see more clearly what you are achieving during your workouts and when you see that more accurately, not only will it motivate you to continue, it can help you determine upcoming goals.

Reminds You of Your Goals
It is very important to set fitness goals and as you achieve them to set new ones. How will you know where you are going if you do not set realistic goals? By keeping a journal of your workouts you will be better able to gauge your fitness level and maintain an even keel. You will be able to see how quickly you can achieve the progress you desire and a fitness journal helps give you the feedback you need to set and achieve your goals. There is not any better motivation than seeing all you have accomplished and how you were able to reach your goals. It can also be very beneficial for helping you know when to change your workout and set new goals so that you continue to move forward and progress.


Tool for Evaluating Progress
A workout journal helps you know where you are and how you are progressing in your fitness routine. You can look back over time and see all that you have accomplished. Trying to proceed without writing down your goals and progress is like walking around in the dark. You will know exactly how long you have been working at a particular level or if it is time to step it up in order to be successful. In order to see the desired changes in your body, you will want to increase your workload, weights, or stamina as you go along. You can check the workout journal to see just how long it took you to accomplish each goal and when it is time to step it up to the next level. Seeing where you came from and all you have done can be very motivating on your journey to fitness.



photo credit: Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs via photopin cc

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